About National Black Funding Day

September 30th

National Black Funding Day is a nationwide holiday celebrating the achievements of black entrepreneurs in the funding industry in the United States. It seeks to raise awareness about the disparities in funding opportunities for minority-owned businesses. The initiative sheds light on inequalities in venture capital, grants, and access to educational resources, aiming to empower underserved communities and address the historical underfunding of black entrepreneurs.

Historically, black entrepreneurs have faced systemic barriers in securing venture capital funding, with women of color facing even greater obstacles. Structural racism and a lack of representation in venture capital-backed firms have perpetuated discriminatory financial practices. Recent efforts to prioritize diversity and inclusivity in the wake of the George Floyd racial justice reckoning have led to increased funding for black founders.

National Black Funding Day encourages corporations and stakeholders to donate to black founders and their organizations, promoting diversity and inclusivity in the funding industry. It also celebrates the resilience and determination of black entrepreneurs and marks a significant step toward addressing historical disparities and fostering a more equitable financial ecosystem.


National Black Funding Day marks a pivotal moment in our commitment to fostering economic equity and opportunity for black and brown underrepresented business owners. The funds raised on this significant occasion will be thoughtfully allocated through a grant program designed to empower these entrepreneurs. By channeling financial resources directly into the hands of those who have faced historical barriers, we aim to catalyze growth, innovation, and sustainable economic development within these communities. These grants will serve as a vital lifeline, supporting businesses in various sectors, from technology to healthcare, and enabling them to flourish and contribute meaningfully to our economy. We believe that this initiative will not only drive economic empowerment but also serve as a beacon of hope and progress toward a more inclusive and just society.


Spread awareness with us by adding your photo to our custom social media frame and post on September 30th with hashtag #nationalblackfundingday .


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